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5 Questions You Can Ask Your Realtor Before Buying a Home

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The world of real estate can be tough to navigate; it pays to have a Realtor by your side to ensure smooth sailing on your home buying journey. If there’s anything you’re curious about or can’t wrap your head around, all you need to do is ask.

Here are 5 questions you can ask to help you make the right decision:

  1. ‘Why is the owner selling?’

    Is the seller moving because they found a new job in another city? Are they upgrading to a larger home? Or is there something they don’t like about the neighborhood? Their motivation for moving can tell you a lot about the home and whether or not it’s a good idea to buy it.

    Asking this question can also help you figure out how much room you have for negotiating. If they plan on moving out fast, then they might be willing to accept a lower offer.

  2. ‘How long has it been on the market?’

    When a home has been listed for quite some time, it usually either means it’s overpriced or there are significant issues. Whatever the case may be, the seller will likely want to get it off their hands as soon as they can. This puts you in a good position to negotiate for a lower price and get a better deal.

  3. ‘What’s the neighborhood like?’

    The neighborhood is just as important as the house itself. The property may tick off everything on your wishlist but for the location – and that’s a serious consideration. Keep in mind that while you can update your home, you can’t change its location – so make sure to ask your Realtor about the area’s pros and cons before you commit to buy.

    Some questions to ask about the neighborhood include:

    • ‘Is it safe here?’
    • ‘Are property values here going up or down?’
    • ‘What is there to do for fun?’
    • ‘How close are amenities like banks, hospitals, and grocery stores?’
  4. ’Are there any disclosures?’

    Disclosures tell you about any current problems the home may have. Sellers are required to disclose relevant information about the home to buyers. For example, to secure one of the homes for sale in Carmel, CA, sellers should disclose any structural issues and make sure the buyer is made aware of any hazardous areas in or near the vicinity of the property.

    If they refuse or forget to make the disclosures (which are required by state laws), consider it a red flag. Moreover, if the seller forgot or purposely did not disclose relevant information, you can sue for damages sustained.

  5. ’What major repairs or renovations have been done?’

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find a house that has never needed any repairs. As a buyer, you’ll want to know about everything from leaky pipe fixes to patched up roofing. See if they hired a licensed contractor to do the work or if they just took care of it themselves. Ask about any major renovations as well: Has the roof or HVAC system been replaced? Some repairs and renovations require permits, and you’ll want to make sure they’re up to code.

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