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5 Signs That Tell You It’s Time to Sell Your Home

Home is probably one of your most valuable assets

Your home is probably one of your most valuable assets, so you need to weigh your options carefully before you plan on selling it. You may be enamored by the beautiful homes for sale in Pebble Beach, CA and you’ve come to the point of asking yourself: “Should I sell my house?”

Before going head-first into your decision to sell, make sure first that you see these five signs:

You’re financially ready to move

If you’re on the verge of deciding to sell your home, check your financial stability and capacity first. Consider the costs of moving, house repairs that need to be done before you list your house on the market, taxes and insurance, the down payment, and other corresponding expenses. If you feel that your budget can handle the financial obligations, then you can proceed, knowing that the process can run smoothly. 

You need to upsize or downsize

The starter home you moved into when you were expecting your first child may no longer be the house you need now that you have more children (plus pets!) or aging parents living with you. Or perhaps, your kids have grown up and moved out of the house with the big yard and empty rooms.

Your home no longer fits your lifestyle

Does your current home no longer suit your lifestyle needs and you don’t find the location desirable anymore? Then it may be the right time to sell your house. Of course, you’ll want to live in an area that will benefit the entire household, with features like excellent schools for kids, great job opportunities, an outstanding healthcare system, and more.

You’re emotionally ready to sell your home

Just because you have the money to buy a new house doesn’t always mean that you’re ready to sell your current home. Know that even if you have built years of memories in it, if you decide to sell it, you’ll be entering a business transaction that has little regard for emotional luggage. Also, selling your home can be a difficult and stressful process. Take the time to mentally prepare yourself before you take the leap.

Market conditions are in your favor

Part of knowing when to sell your house is understanding when the market is on your side. If your neighbors are starting to sell their properties with handsome returns, then the real estate market in your area is favoring sellers. Make sure to know your home’s actual value by using an online estimator or by consulting with a local real estate agent. That way, you can place the right price tag on your home that will attract the most number of serious buyers.

If you have been seeing these signs, then it may really be the time to sell your house in California. And if you are ready to sell your home, Top Carmel, CA Realtor Cheryl Heyermann and her highly trusted agents from The Peninsula Group Real Estate will guide you in your home selling journey. Give them a call today at 831.595.5045 or email info(at)ThePeninsulaGroup(dotted)com and let Cheryl’s 30 years of experience as a Broker/CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) work in your favor.