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Buying a Home This 2020? Here’s How to Prepare

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Buying a home under normal circumstances is already a stressful process. Now with COVID-19 and people being strongly urged to shelter in place, the challenge of looking for homes for sale in Carmel Valley, CA was jacked up by several notches.

But don’t worry! A few added restrictions shouldn’t deter you from proceeding with buying the home you always wanted without sacrificing your health and safety.

Below are some tips and tricks on how to buy a home this 2020:

Research the neighborhoods

Before anything else, you need to narrow down your ideal home’s location. Real estate in Carmel Valley, CA and surrounding areas are usually in a number of great communities that you can choose from. Check out your target neighborhoods’ websites and online publications to see the latest news there.

You can also go to community forums and ask questions about the area. This will give you a better perspective on what the residents themselves think about their neighborhood.

Take your home search online

Looking for homes online is nothing new. This time around, however, you need to be more diligent when scrolling through listings. Keep an eye out for ambiguous wording and vague home descriptions. Properties online aren’t always what they seem so tread with caution.

View all photos carefully and check if these have been altered. A stretched-out picture could mean the seller is trying to make the property appear bigger. Other red flags include pictures that focus too much on a single aspect of a room, closed curtains, and having very few listing pictures.

Go on virtual tours

Since open houses are not encouraged these days due to health risks, going on virtual tours is the next best thing. Contact the seller and ask if they can provide you a virtual tour of the property.

Request if the seller or their agent can provide a live virtual tour via video call – not just a pre-edited video of the property. With a video call, you can view the house without compromising your or anyone else’s health.

Treat virtual tours just as you would a regular open house. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and learn everything you can about the property.

Hire a real estate agent

With the current state of the world being unpredictable, getting an experienced Carmel, CA realtor is a must. This should be an expert who has been through – and survived – several dramatic market upheavals in the past. They will possess the grit and capacity to guide you through any scenario with ease.

Also, your ideal agent should know the local real estate market like the back of their hand. Check their most recent transactions to find out what neighborhoods they’ve done business in and what kind of property they typically handle.

Looking at their online reviews and asking for references will give you better insights into your potential agent’s work ethic and professionalism, as well.

The Peninsula Group Real Estate has been in business for over 30 years, offering decades of expertise and dedication to their clients. This is the real estate team that can drive you toward success even in these most trying times. Start your buying journey with them today by calling 831.595.5045. You can also send an email to info(at)ThePeninsulaGroup(dotted)com.