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Due diligence: how to negotiate for repairs after a home inspection

Home owner talking about home repairs

Home inspection is a vital part of the home buying process. You can’t simply purchase one of the lovely homes for sale in Carmel Valley, CA without having it evaluated by a certified home inspector. Sure, you’d be able to point out glaring issues such as missing shingles, obvious signs of water damage, and defective electrical outlets, but building codes and standards aren’t likely your specialty. Hence, the importance of a professional home inspection.

After the home inspection, however, a number of issues with the property could pop up—and these could either make or break the sale. If you believe that there’s a way to work around the concerns pointed out by the home inspector and you’re keen on pushing through with the sale, take note of the following negotiation tips to ensure that you end up with a favorable deal.

Ask the seller to address the issues

After you’ve reviewed the home inspection report together with your agent, your first line of action would be to ask the seller to fix major issues. Although sellers are more likely to accommodate smaller repairs, you could emphasize the need for repairs that are necessary for your safety and basic comfort. This means functional and structural repairs should be prioritized.

Learn the difference between repairs and upgrades

As mentioned above, it is easier to negotiate for repairs that must be done either for safety reasons or to ensure basic comforts. More often than not, a seller is not likely to be amenable to pay for repairs unless the home inspection report states that they are major concerns. If you’re looking for cosmetic upgrades, you’ll have to spend for them on your own when you move in.

Request for a price reduction

Since sellers are already on their way out and dreaming of their post-sale life, they may not be too motivated to pay for repairs. If such is the case, you’re better off asking for a reduction on the home’s sale price to offset the repair costs. Before requesting for a price reduction, do your research on how much the repair(s) will cost and then ask for the appropriate amount. A fair price reduction just might get sellers to say “yes”.

Focus on the big picture

You might feel the urge to nitpick on the house’s minor defects, such as tiles that need caulking or wallpaper that needs replacing, but look at the house as a whole. Such little defects may not matter much in the long run if you’re planning a renovation anyway, or you may even be capable of fixing these issues yourself.

If you can’t reach a fair and proper agreement with the seller, it’s much better for you to just walk away. This is why you need the expert help of The Peninsula Group Real Estate team. Their knowledge of real estate in Carmel Valley, CA will help ensure that you never run out of options and that negotiations will be carried out with your best interests at heart. Get in touch with them at 831.595.5045 or email at info(at)ThePeninsulaGroup(dotted)com