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Explore From Home: See the Best of California With These Virtual Tours

Explore from Home

Explore California’s national parks through Google Earth

There are actually many things to see from your couch other than the TV. Strike up a little bit of wanderlust magic with these virtual tours and online content offered by top California attractions. 

Connect with nature 

Do you miss the inspiring sights and tranquil peace that comes with being in nature? Go on a digital hike and explore California’s national parks through Google Earth. Yosemite National Park even offers its own Virtual Yosemite. This online interactive VR tour of the park and its surrounding areas has each panorama complete with its own environmental audio tracks, which can truly immerse you in the virtual experience. 

Seeing cute animals never fail to make us feel better. The Oakland Zoo and the San Diego Zoo are providing live cams of some of their animals and, for a subscription fee,  you can even access behind-the-scenes and upgraded experiences, as well as guided tours. The National History Museum of LA County also has NHMLAC Connects, a series of online exhibitions where you can explore the natural wonders of LA from the safety of your home.

Dive into art, culture, and history

Tired of the view at your home? You can appreciate the blended architectural styles of the California State Capitol Museum through a virtual tour. If you want something more thrilling, San Jose’s iconic Winchester Mystery House is providing an online immersive 360-degree tour. The self-guided virtual experience allows you explore and digitally interact with the rooms of the Winchester Mansion, complete with access to its very first all-digital floor plan and behind-the-ropes content.

You can also combat quarantine boredom by immersing yourself in California’s world-class art galleries and museums. The Getty has put together a starter kit of Getty’s online art, books, and videos, which includes free materials for inspiration and learning. Art collections and educational resources are also made available online by the Institute of Contemporary Art-LA, the Hammer Museum, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Discover new things with your kids

Online learning may not just be for the young ones at home. Keep the kids (and yourself!) connected to the real, natural world with the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the Aquarium of the Pacific. You can watch for birds, see livestreams of penguin exhibits, and join virtual classroom sessions with the aquarium’s resident caretakers.

Spend some hands-on quality time with your kids through the Stuck at Home Science program from the California Science Center, which posts daily science experiment activities that everyone in the family can enjoy. There is also a series of For Families art sessions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as a variety of other digital programs and activities. 

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