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Is It Really Expensive to Live in California?

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It’s common knowledge that California is not only the most populous U.S. state, it’s also among one of the most expensive states to live in. For this article, let’s take a look at what it’s like to live on the Monterey Peninsula.

Monterey Peninsula housing costs at a glimpse

Monterey Peninsula comprises a network of towns and villages with a current population of some 437,000. Its largest city is Salinas, and the smallest is Sand City, with a population of 334 residents. Other cities that make up Monterey Peninsula are Carmel, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Seaside, and Marina. Monterey Peninsula’s median home value is roughly $520,000, and the average rental runs to around $2,000.

Why you should consider living on the Monterey Peninsula

If you’re inclined towards a slower pace of life, Monterey Peninsula will be just your cup of tea: it is, after all, where people choose to move for a quieter environment. Aside from the mild weather, you’ll also get to enjoy the best views of the Pacific Ocean.

Monterey Peninsula boasts above-average public schools for your kids, including highly-rated Carmel High. As one can expect from a coastal city, seafood is bountiful, and there are local seafood restaurants aplenty offering the day’s fresh catch.

Things to do on the Monterey Peninsula

A world-famous destination for vacationers, Cannery Row is a historic waterfront street that used to house sardine canning factories. It’s named after John Steinbeck’s well-known novel Cannery Row. Though it’s now a commercial venue, it’s still a beautiful place to visit.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium at the north end of Cannery Row is definitely worth stopping by. Boasting many incredible exhibits on marine life, its location just right outside the Pacific coastline is a huge draw for lovers of the sea.

Carmel by-the-Sea, known to the locals simply as Carmel, is storybook perfect with its uneven cobblestone streets and quaint atmosphere. It is a romantic beach town with lots of historical places to see.

The Carmel Mission Basilica, founded in 1770, has one of the most picturesque trails. Stroll along the white sands of Carmel Beach or venture into Carmel Valley where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, or some golf. Explore the rolling hills of wine country, pay a visit to the wineries and tasting rooms, and spend a night or two in one of the tucked-away inns, lodges, or hotels.

Enjoy the most amazing ocean vistas of Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pebble Beach, and Pacific Grove on the 17-Mile-Drive. Eventually find yourself back in Carmel’s main village, which is filled with gallery-lined streets, gastropubs, and cozy inns.

Beaches galore

If you really love the beach, you’ll find living in Big Sur, Pebble Beach, or Pacific Grove ideal. While living on the Monterey Peninsula may spell high-end, easy access to the best of nature makes it all worthwhile. Monterey Peninsula is definitely one of the best locations to live in if you value privacy, nature, and peace and quiet.

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