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Renovating Your Property? Follow These Essential Home Upgrade Tips

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Renovations are a great way to increase a home’s value while making it more livable at the same time. The goal for every upgrade should be to create a comfortable, convenient, and accommodating living environment.

Have a successful property makeover by following these handy home upgrade tips:

Let there be light

Lighting is an integral part of every home as it sets the atmosphere of a room and, at the same time, adds aesthetic appeal to the whole property. Besides, who wants to live in a dim, poorly-lit abode?

Get as much natural light inside a room as you can. That way, the space will look and feel bigger. If you can’t have natural light, you can place lamps in several strategic areas of your home for some mood lighting.

For smarter illumination, match the type of lights with specific rooms. Try overhead lighting for kitchens and accent lights for bathrooms.

Create an open floor plan

Open floor plans are all the rage, especially among luxury homes for sale in Carmel, CA. This upgrade gives a seamless flow to your space and living areas are more accessible to one another. As a result, your home becomes more inviting.

Symmetry is important when decorating your open floor plan. Make sure the furniture and décor are perfectly balanced to not overwhelm the eyes. Also, choose a complementary color scheme so that the style will be coherent.

Spruce up your kitchen island

A luxury kitchen isn’t complete without a multipurpose kitchen island. Islands must have a nice, expansive countertop that’s ideal for preparing meals or dining with family and guests. Seating is also something to consider when installing a kitchen island. Find the perfect chairs to match the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Another great thing about kitchen islands is they add a ton of storage space. You won’t have to fill your walls with cabinets and drawers; thus, the whole kitchen gets a more open feel.

Install smart home technology

If you want to maximize convenience and efficiency, installing smart home technology is the way to go. This could be as simple as putting in smart lights you can control by using an app. Or it could be something a little more high-tech like a dedicated smart home system that lets you control everything from the automatic blinds to the home speakers.

Smart devices are also great for improving your home security. Installing smart cameras and the like lets you manage your home wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Improve indoor/outdoor living

You can upgrade the indoor/outdoor living situation of your home by simply adding outdoor furniture, a dining area, and a grill. This is great for patios and decks.

If you want something more extravagant, adding a pool, outdoor spa, and the like to your backyard will take it to the next level. Having your property landscaped is also a great way to top it all off.

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