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The Best Time to Sell a Home Today

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When it comes to selling a home, the first advice you might hear is to sell during spring. In Carmel, where the weather is agreeable all year round, that advice is more written in sand than stone.

Asking when to sell is the first step, but don’t stop there. There are other driving forces, such as relocating for a job or capitalizing on your home’s appreciation.

Since choosing to sell is a personal decision, here are some things to keep in mind.

Any season is fair game

On a national scale, spring is an extremely popular time for buying and selling homes. The weather is pleasant, days are longer, and nature’s vibrant colors portray homes in a very good light.

So why not sell in the spring every time? Because it all depends on the local market.

Homelight data for Carmel last year indicated that October was the best month for selling. Homes that sold that month fetched their owners a 14% premium over the yearly average. Other months in 2019 that also registered high premiums for Carmel sellers were May and February.

All-time figures for Carmel (Homelight data from 2014 to 2019) pegs February as the best time to sell. The premium for the month is around 13%. November and April were the next highest-performing months.

Overall, sellers in Carmel have good odds— even in fall and winter.

Know local trends

The best way to decide when to time your listing is to consult a broker REALTOR® with in-depth knowledge of the local trends.

A knowledgeable REALTOR® can provide you with a market analysis report that depicts the local outlook with data such as days on market, median list price, and the number of homes recently sold in the neighborhoods you’re surveying.

With this information ready, a broker can help you come up listing and pricing strategies that will get you the outcome you want.

Assess your home’s readiness

Are there any major repairs needing your attention? Too many of those and you will have fewer bargaining chips with a buyer. Earn yourself more room for negotiation by scheduling major repairs ahead of your listing.

Once repairs are completed, clean your home inside and out and pare home furniture and pieces down to the essentials. At the end of successful decluttering, your home will look uncluttered, inviting, and ready for viewing.

If staging isn’t your strong suit, consult with your broker or a professional home stager. They have the connections that will transform your home into an image that buyers expect to see.

When in doubt, wait it out

Do your present circumstances prevent your home from being sufficiently ready for the market? Put your listing plans on pause. If you or your home isn’t ready, you will be more prone to making mistakes that may work against you down the road. Selling your home is a big decision. Take your time if it’s available.

Check your needs and goals

Downsizing is sensible for homeowners with college-age kids, while moving to a larger home creates breathing room for growing families.

It’s best to sell when your home’s market value is at its highest. Selling at this opportune time means your benefiting from years of holding on to the property.

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