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The latest in tile trends

Fancy tiles installed in a bathroom

A staple in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas that require water-resistant floor or wall coverings, tile is a perennial favorite among both designers and homeowners. A stylish, durable and affordable alternative to natural stone, tile has quickly overtaken difficult-to-maintain traditional hardwood flooring in many high-end homes for sale in Carmel, CA.

Capable of replicating the look of wood and mimicking a variety of textures, tile offers the hottest shapes, patterns and trendy designs. Designers of the most elegant luxury homes for sale in Carmel, CA use tile to bring a fresh and elegant look to both indoor and outdoor living spaces. A low-maintenance surfacing material, it is almost always foremost in mind when building or renovating bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and outdoor areas.

These are some of the tile trends to look out for in 2020:

Easy sophistication

Tile that perfectly emulates the iridescence of rare stones promises to be a hit among buyers of luxury homes for sale in Carmel, CA, as it lends a majestic look and feel to living spaces without sacrificing natural resources and depleting the earth of its precious materials. Bring drama to your accent walls and shower surrounds with tasteful jewel tones that mimic natural stone with none of its porous character.

Refined wood

Everyone loves the warmth of wood, but not necessarily the upkeep associated with it. It’s a good thing that technological advances have led to the development of faux porcelain and ceramic versions of “wood” planks and strips. Digitally printed tile that looks as close to the real thing as you can get is proving to be a viable alternative to wood, which is difficult to maintain.


Current trends show a preference for bigger tile profiles. Gone are the days of the 12 x 24-inch tile formats that used to be highly favored in residential spaces just a few years ago. These days, the use of 18 x 36-inch tilehas become more commonplace. In fact, gigantic slabs measuring 60 x 120 inches—once thought of as the purview of commercial spaces—are also seeing a rise in demand in residential applications. Lending a seamless look to your spaces, larger tile formats also make for less grout and greater ease of maintenance.

Pattern and texture

Dimensional tile? Texture will certainly always have a place in design, and experts say this will be particularly true this 2020 — so watch for it. Texture will be used largely to add visual interest in monochromatic settings. Also expect a more widespread use of retro, abstract, and bold-patterned tile, including Moroccan tile, leaf, and floral patterns, and metallic art-deco accents.

Tile is not only easy to clean, it is the perfect material to install in wet spaces such as shower stalls or pool surrounds. Homeowners and designers will use tile to add eye-catching patterns and interesting texture to spaces.

It’s also in vogue to blend material effects to help create refreshing new style combinations that can help you update your home. A combination of wood- and concrete-inspired tile is just one idea that has been gaining popularity.

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